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October 28, 2020


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Homescapes is a new game for iOS devices, released in 2017. The game was created by Playrix, which is a Russian game developer. Playrix has been in the game industry for 22 years and is one of the biggest game developers in Eastern Europe. Homescapes is a puzzle game that takes you on a journey through a home. The goal of the game is to clean up and fix up the house. You can also throw in some decorations to spruce up the place. Homescapes is an arcade-style puzzle game. The game is about a man who was abandoned by his wife and needs to fix up his old house. The game allows the player to help the man clean up the house and earn in-game currency, which can be used to buy decorations and furniture. The game is available to download from iTunes and Google Play.


While there is no real story, there is a goal to the game. As mentioned before, you are trying to clean up and spruce up the home. You start off with a mess. This includes broken tiles, paints that need to be removed, ripped wallpaper, and a garden that needs some attention. You start off with the least damaged areas of the house and then work your way up to the most damaged.

The game is not timed, but you have to clean up the mess before you can advance. You start off with one room of the house, and you can only clean up one room at a time. You can then enter the room and take care of the mess. This can be done by sweeping, wiping, throwing away, or picking up and placing an object. You start off with a timer that will let you know how much time you have left, but the timer will go away when you advance to the next room.

Homescapes is a puzzle game that consists of cleaning up the house, earning in-game currency, and buying decorations and furniture. The player can buy power-ups that help clean up the house. The player can also earn in-game currency by playing a matching game, which is a tile game that requires the player to match tiles of an identical design to remove them from the board. The player can also earn in-game currency by playing a puzzle game, which is a tile game that requires the player to find the matching tiles.


Homescapes has a soft, cartoon-like look. The graphics are very clear and well-defined. All the colors are bright and the animations are smooth. Homescapes' graphics are very simplistic, with the exception of the background and furniture. The background is a pixelated landscape. The furniture is very simple looking, with the exception of the couch, which has a pixelated, soft-looking texture.


Homescapes is replayable because every time you advance to a new room, the mess will be different. It will also change the layout of the house. The game is very repetitive, with the player having to do the same things over and over again. The player also does not get to choose what furniture is bought, and has to play the same match games over and over again.


  • The game has a relaxing atmosphere and is a good way to pass the time
  • The game is easy to play and isn't hard to get the hang of
  • The game is enjoyable and also has a low cost
  • The game has a lot of replayability, with the player being able to play the game for hours


  • The game is very repetitive
  • There are no instructions on how to play the game, which can result in the player getting frustrated
  • There is no variety in the furniture
  • The game is very slow paced


Homescapes is a relaxing game that's easy to learn and simple to play. The graphics are simplistic and do not require much processing power. The game has a lot of replay value because the player can play for hours. The game is very repetitive and there is no variety in furniture. The game is slow-paced and can get boring after a while. Homescapes gets 3 out of 5 stars because it is not a bad game, but there are better games out there. Homescapes is available for download on iTunes and Google Play.


4.4 / 5

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Author: Playrix
Latest Version: 3.4.3
Publish Date: October 28, 2020
Size: 161M

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